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Very Very Easy Vegan Chili

It has been beautiful, spring-like weather here in Minneapolis the last few days… but I heard big bad winter is coming back next week. Sounds like a good time to make some delicious vegan chili for the week ahead. This is a little thinner than traditional chili, but I just can’t call it a “stoup” a la Rachael Ray.
This recipe will produce 7+ large servings so it is great to use when hosting a party, book club or if you are planning for a busy week ahead and want to freeze some single portions for dinner or lunch.
Very Very Easy Vegan Chili: The Recipe
1 acorn squash–peeled and cut up into 1″ pieces
1 potato– cut into 1″ pieces
1 bag (16oz) frozen corn (can use fresh or canned as well)
2 cans great northern/navy beans (same bean-has two different names)
1/2 white or yellow onion
entire box of vegetable broth (its good to use low sodium:)
3-5 fresh diced jalapeños (as spicy as you want it.)
dash Lawry’s season salt
salt + pepper
1.Saute the jalapeño & 1/2 an onion in olive oil ’til slightly wilted (not browned)
2. Just throw in the drained/rinsed cans of beans, corn, squash (not cooked first), whole box of broth, add some black pepper, a little salt and a little Lawry’s seasoned salt.
3.Low simmer for 2 -3 hours.

freeze for lunches or dinners later

This tastes great right when it’s done, but it really does taste better the next few days. It also tastes best with onion and tortilla chips or Fritos on top.

Are you craving cheese? Not feeling like being vegan this week? Some cheddar cheese taste great on top too. I won’t tell Oprah!