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CSA box #2

Another Friday, another awesome CSA box from Featherstone Farm!

This weeks contents; Red Oak Leaf LettuceMixed Salad GreensSpinachCarrotsAsparagus, Green Garlic, and…Rhubarb.

So today’s box is a little like last week’s box but with the new addition of carrots and red oak leaf lettuce. Awesome! I can’t wait to have a huge salad tonight.

I’m still not sure what to do with all this rhubarb, but our weekly newsletter said they might have some strawberries in the box next week so maybe a strawberry-rhubarb combo is in my future.


CSA box #1

This year, I decided to sign up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share from Featherstone Farm.

What is a CSA? According to Featherstone Farm’s website:

“Community supported agriculture (CSA) is a form of subscription farming that helps family farms become and remain sustainable.  Shareholders pay before the season starts so that the farm can use the funds in the least profitable times of year (when seeds are purchased and planting begins, but there are no real sales to serve as income).  In return for their investment, shareholders receive a box of produce each week during the season.  These boxes are delivered at dropsites throughout the communities the CSA serves.  While the investment is not 100% without risk because no one ever knows when the weather will impact the crops, shareholders can expect a consistent weekly box delivery throughout most seasons.”

It’s my first year, and I’m really excited. Every Friday I get box of surprises and get to attempt to cook with vegetables I love or maybe never tried before. I’m also excited to eat organic food that was picked a few days ago and not feel guilty for sleeping in on a Saturday and missing the best produce at the Farmers Market.

Brent has Fridays off (lucky!) and will be getting the goods for us. I’m pretty jealous that he gets to see it first, but he’s a good guy and he sent me a picture.

Green garlic, asparagus, spinach, radishes, mixed salad greens and rhubarb were in box #1. I can’t wait to cook with all this stuff, and be able to post the recipes all summer long!

So… what should I do with all that rhubarb?!