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CSA box #16

This box is a mix of summer and fall and includes: beets, basil, edamame, red kabocha squash, watermelon, leaf lettuce, red grape tomatoes, pepper mix, cabbage, green beans and onions.

Our newsletter let us know this will be the last of the basil, green beans, watermelon and tomatoes as we already had our first frost. Oh well, bring on the squash!


CSA box #10

Amazing #10! From left to right-ish. Ace peppers (early green bell peppers),  hungarian wax peppers (light yellow), jalepeno peppers, yellow potatoes, yellow squash, a patty pan squash (i think!), green cabbage,  zucchini, a million ears (13!) of sweet corn, candy onions, fennel, an heirloom tomatoes and parsley!

Summer veggies are awesome.