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Worse at breakfast.

I’m bad at lunch breaks, but I’m worse at breakfast.

Considering I spent years of my life studying nutrition to become an RD (before just turning that scary Chemistry ridden major into a minor), I know that breakfast is seriously important. It helps with weight loss or maintenance, helps you focus, gives your body fuel and numerous other awesome things. I know this, but I consider myself a failure when it comes to morning eating.

I spend my mornings getting a skim latte (iced please!), or eating a string cheese, or maybe having a piece of fruit with my latte. My problem is not only am I not hungry, but I get full pretty quickly and I’d rather eat later in the day. However, I know how important it is, so I’m attempting to get better.

One morning, I was looking around my office and saw this.

No, not all the booze. That’s old news. Look a little closer and you will find this:

Leftover from a work weekend in Nisswa. I decided to bring milk in the next morning and make a good breakfast¬†with the raisin bran, considering it isn’t just sugar flakes. I never eat or buy cereal at home but raisin bran is awesome.

I knew cereal would be in the mix, so I needed something else. I, again, had to be a little innovative considering I was just trying to use random stuff I found around my (pretty nicely stocked) office. Then I stumbled upon this row of breakfast looking goodness:

So I decided to create a breakfast mocktail by adding these two guys together, which you can see is trophy worthy:

The above is a combo you must try. Take a glass and fill it with half oj half plain seltzer water. You just cut out 50% of the calories in a regular glass of OJ and it tastes way better. A little morning fizz is great.

all together on my desk

There are so many awesome healthy things for breakfast: smoothies, oatmeal, cereal, fruit, eggs…and all of these can be made and eaten quickly.

Do you eat breakfast? Why or why not… and what are you eating?!