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Layer cake success

I have only made a layer cake once or twice in my life. It seemed easier to ice a sheet cake, leave it in a pan and call it a day… but it’s just not as pretty.

I hosted book club a few weeks ago, and I decided a cake was in order. I would have loved to make a cake from scratch, but Betty Crocker is nearly as good and v. easy so I decided a mix would suffice for a weeknight cake. Devil’s food seemed like a good choice since it is a little lighter than a dense chocolate cake.I followed the directions on the back of the box and then Pam’d two 8″ circular cake pans. I wanted the layers to be even so I decided to weigh the two cake pans and try to get them to near the same weight.I got them to within about  5oz of each other, so I was pretty pleased. I guess I’m not so pleased that my food scale is super dirty, but at least that means it’s well used. I prefer to weigh ingredients rather than using measuring cups as it’s more accurate.

I shook the cake pans around a bit to get the batter even before baking and then tossed them in the oven.After they were out is where I had to face my fears… I was afraid one of the cakes was going to get stuck and get ruined in the pan. So, I set up my camera phone to show you the results.

Success! Both of the layers were fairly pretty and  even, so I didn’t have to do any shaving or evening. Then, although buttercream is pretty easy to make, I used a store bought vanilla icing to ice the cakes after a night in the fridge. I don’t have a cake plate, so I turned a large plate upside down and it worked really well.I think I’m just writing this post to show these sweet plates I found at a place called The Vintage Shed in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin last summer. It was the first time I got to use them!

I should go make a cake now. You know, for another excuse to bust out those pretty plates.