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Food truck lunches for spring.

Last week the sun, flowers and spring all decided to pull it together. It’s now officially spring in Minneapolis. Though my allergies are seriously not happy about this, and are trying to bring me down with them… I’d rather wear flip-flops outside and sneeze/cough/have this pesky sinus infection for a bit than wear snow boots. So, since spring decided to pull it together (PIT), I figured I should PIT and update.

Downtown Minneapolis has an all day farmers market each Thursday from late May to late September, so my co-worker/desk neighbor/employee of the month Jake and I decided to ignore the piles of work on our desks  and head out in search of food! Sunshine will make me better at taking a lunch break. Everyone else had the same idea.

We really didn’t know where to head as we work about a half mile away in the Warehouse District and don’t get downtown for lunch much. Then we spotted food trucks. I have to admit, it was my first time getting a real meal from a food truck since college! Do any of you VCU readers remember that hippie food truck outside The Commons/Temple Hall? I dream of it.

I was super excited we spotted Dandelion Kitchen. They had a vegetarian friendly menu and said they used organic and local foods when possible. Sold!There was  a large line for this place, but everywhere at noon on a nice day has a line, so we decided it was worth it to wait. Long lines= good food, right? In this case, right.

I went for the Mozzarella & Tomato Sandwich: house-made walnut pesto, local mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes, and arugula. Best decision ever!

I also decided to try their homemade Lemon Ginger soda, which was also totally delicious and refreshing. Not too strong or sweet, which is typically an issue I run into with homemade sodas or drinks.I hope to go back to Dandelion Kitchen this summer (I hear they have fancy popsicles!), and blog some more food truck experiences!

Have you been to a food truck? How was it?