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CSA week 18 + 19 + 20

Week 18: I turned that pumpkin into pumpkin puree, roasted those peppers, and see that alien looking thing–celeriac root? I failed to do anything with it. Apologies vegetable gods.

Week 19: Lots of radishes, that Brent just ate raw. Delicious lettuce!  Brent also loved mustard greens, until we cooked them–try them raw! They allegedly are what is in wasabi. Those squash are called sweet dumpling, really dry and not my favorite but it was fun to try!

 Week 20: The second to last week of CSA. We turned that kale into kale chips, had carrot fries several times, roasted the broccoli and will be eating the cauliflower and squash possibly in soup form! Woo!

It’s bittersweet knowing next week is the last box of organic, local, fresh from the farm vegetables that we get to pick up. The only sweet part is knowing that I get to pick out veggies that I crave or want to stick in a recipe.


CSA week 17

Another light week–which is fine by me! Contents: cilantro, parsley, edamame, turnips, beets, braising greens, red cabbage, spaghetti squash, tomatoes, green peppers, banana peppers, carrots + onions!

CSA weeks 15 + 16

Week 15:

Week 16:

The CSA boxes keep getting better and better.

CSA box #14

 So I apparently missed a week of taking a pic of the CSA box…or that one week the farm took off I never took in to account when numbering the weeks on this blog.

Anyway–the farm calls this box week 14 and so will I! The contents this week: napa cabbage, arugula, red peppers, salad mix, broccoli, eggplant, yellow doll watermelon, grapes, onions, tomatillos, jalapenos, tomatoes and cilantro.

The grapes tasted like nothing I’ve ever had before. They tasted like grape flavoring! They were kind of mushy when we got them so they won’t last long but at least we got to try them.

CSA 2012 weeks 9-12

I’m trying to soak up summer, so I’ve failed at blogging. But don’t worry, I’ve been cooking like it’s my part-time job. Sort of because it is. When you get a giant box of organic vegetables every week that will go bad within a few days and have a few plants growing in your garden*, you spent hours each week planning and cooking. I can’t realllllllly complain, it’s pretty wonderful.

So here is what we’ve got in the last few weeks.

CSA Week #9 Made some tomatillo salsa and roasted tomato basil soup. I’ve also been really in to making a eggplant and tomato version of this Summer Vegetable Tian. It’s stellar. The cantaloupe went to our pals Lez + Jenny who live a block away.

CSA Week #10  That crazy looking stuff in the background is edamame. I usually eat it out of a bag from Trader Joe’s, but this stuff was tasty once you got over the fuzziness of the stuff. I froze some of the corn, made a lot of cabbage ramen salad, and used a lot of the peppers to make a swiss cheese/lettuce/pepper pita pocket for lunch.

CSA Week #11 Oh this was a great week, another round of tomatillo salsa for a book club we hosted, fresh pasta sauce, and a big batch of roasted veggies, a cherry tomato/squash crumble and PICKLES!  I swear to post these recipes one day. I still have those poblano peppers and hope to make something! Oh, and again we dropped off 1/2 of those melons to our neighbor-friends. They call us Mom and Dad for a reason.

CSA Week #12 We roasted that broccoli and made a panzanella with some of the tomatoes for dinner tonight, and gave away the cucumbers, salad mix and honey dew this weekend due to being away for Labor Day. Share the wealth! The watermelon is a Yellow Doll watermelon–they are delicious.

I’m ready for lucky week #13.

*By garden I mean some plants stuck here and there in the front yard, and then some more in some pots on the porch. 

CSA #8 2012

I was out of town for the delivery of this CSA box. I got this picture via text and even though I was in New York attending BlogHer I was a little jealous!

Contents: bok choy, melon, sweet corn, parsley, basil, eggplant, sungold cherry tomatoes, lipstick peppers, red slicer tomatoes and hot peppers.

I turned the tomatoes and hot peppers into pico, and pico, green peppers and corn in a quesadilla! I am hoarding pesto so I turned the basil into that and froze it. Right after I posed my dog and put it on my head.

In sad news, RIP melon and  eggplant that went bad. Boo.Hiss.

CSA box #7


I really think the CSA box this year is better than last year, even with the drought Minnesota (and every state I believe) is experiencing.

Contents this week: green peppers, red new potatoes, cilantro, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, beets, corn, onions, parsley.

If I had to go into a grocery store with a list of veggies, I would have gotten ABSOLUTELY everything in this box. I’m excited to plan our meals for the week!