In this edition of ‘what we’ve been eating lately,’ I am bringing you a dish that we eat at least once a week. Sometimes a few times a week. To say we are obsessed is putting it lightly. I think we ate this every Saturday for a few months.

It is one of the easiest recipes ever; so easy I kind of want to put ‘recipe’ in quotes.

2 corn tortillas
1/3 cup Refried beans (our favorite= Whole Foods brand Lime + Roasted Chile)
1/4 cup cheddar cheese
1/8 cup mozzarella cheese
Jalapeños (jarred or fresh)
Lime wedges, salsa for serving

1. Preheat the oven to 415°
2. Spray a cookie sheet with cooking spray, place corn tortillas on the cookie sheet and crisp up in the oven for about 5 mins
3. Take the tortillas out of the oven, spread each tortilla with an even amount of refried beans.
4. Top with cheese (feel free to use as much cheese as you like, and different kinds too)
5. Top with jalapeños or whatever kind of peppers you like.
6. Cook in the oven for 8-10 minutes, until the cheese is melted.
7. Serve with lime wedges, squeeze on top of the tostadas. Also good with some salsa or whatever other hot sauce you want.

As mentioned in the directions, these tostadas can be made with anything you like: different kind of beans (refried black beans, etc.), different cheeses, different peppers on top to add some heat (Brent adds banana peppers), add avocado/guac/sour cream/different crazy hot sauces on top.

These work for lunch or dinner… and I’m fairly sure Brent has eaten them for breakfast too. I should really do a series of Brent’s “if I put an egg on it, it’s breakfast” recipes. Maybe one day…


One response to “Tostadas

  1. Making this now! I couldn’t get that pic out of my head!

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