CSA week 18 + 19 + 20

Week 18: I turned that pumpkin into pumpkin puree, roasted those peppers, and see that alien looking thing–celeriac root? I failed to do anything with it. Apologies vegetable gods.

Week 19: Lots of radishes, that Brent just ate raw. Delicious lettuce!  Brent also loved mustard greens, until we cooked them–try them raw! They allegedly are what is in wasabi. Those squash are called sweet dumpling, really dry and not my favorite but it was fun to try!

 Week 20: The second to last week of CSA. We turned that kale into kale chips, had carrot fries several times, roasted the broccoli and will be eating the cauliflower and squash possibly in soup form! Woo!

It’s bittersweet knowing next week is the last box of organic, local, fresh from the farm vegetables that we get to pick up. The only sweet part is knowing that I get to pick out veggies that I crave or want to stick in a recipe.


One response to “CSA week 18 + 19 + 20

  1. Next time mail the Celeriac to me!

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