life changing: paper bag microwave popcorn

I love popcorn. One of my favorite (super healthy) dinners is popcorn and wine (maybe capped off with some red licorice). I grew up on stove top popcorn and have always preferred that to buying pricy, neon colored microwave popcorn.

I resist from popcorn for dinner most nights, but tonight I caved. I cranked up the stove and was bummed to see my finished product full of old maids (half-popped kernels) and burnt kernels. This has been happening lately (cheap popcorn?) so I decided to actually try something from the Pinterest…microwave popcorn in a paper bag.

Brown Paper Bag Microwave Popcorn
6 tablespoons (66grams) un-popped popcorn kernels
Brown Paper Bag (lunch sized)

1. Put the kernels into the paper bag.

2. Fold the paper bag over twice, staple it if you have a stapler handy. Make the folds as small as possible so the kernels have room to pop.

3. Put it in the microwave for 1.5-3 minutes, just like regular microwave popcorn watch it like a hawk and if you hear pauses of 2 seconds between pops, take it out.

4. Cut the bag open vertically and don’t hurt yourself on the steam. Dump in a bowl, note that some kernels won’t pop, but there will be few old maids.

This is the easiest thing ever, so delicious, you don’t have to use oil, and it took about 1.5 minutes in my microwave. At the time I declared this life changing and the best thing I’ve found on the internet… but I did find my dog on the internet, so I retract that statement. It is life changing though, I’ll stand by that one.

I like to top my popcorn with a tiny bit of melted margarine (margarine is not tacky! it’s saltier than butter…and vegan, OK!) and shredded parmesan cheese (ruined the vegan-ness here). I like to side this with wine, duh. Dinner is served.



4 responses to “life changing: paper bag microwave popcorn

  1. Who knew? Love the idea – now if we only owned a microwave… maybe I can try it at work!!!

  2. Fantastic! Do you remember the air popcorn machine we used to have? This is a wonderful idea. I will try it tonight. Try Trader Joe’s popping corn, it is organic an the kernels all pop!

    • YES! i almost bought one recently, and i’m glad i didn’t! i have TJs popping corn, but i mixed it with some “gourmet” kernels that i think are the culprit– but the microwave fixed it! they all popped!

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