Monthly Archives: November 2011


Doesn’t that fruit platter look fancy? I’ve learned that a fruit plate can make any brunch seem pretty fancy.

We decided to have people over for brunch today and needed to have a simple menu that we could prep in the morning before everyone came over. If you are in the midst of planning a brunch, I highly recommend the following recipes + some fruit on a plate.:

I forgot to add mimosas this time. Fail! Next time…


Lunchtime, PTO edition.

I love PTO. I took a random day off today to get a few things done, and just hang out with my dog and some Oprah’s Lifeclass. I love lunch on PTO. I like to just throw a few things together that are in the fridge, like the above.

I also love PTO because you can lose track of time. I ate this lunch at 4pm. This might be considered a large snack…