CSA box #6

I finally got the honor of being able to walk down to French Meadow to pick up the CSA box and this weeks box was heavy! Our CSA boxes keep getting bigger and bigger and soon we are going to probably have to turn vegan to keep up with all of our veggies.

I feel like I say this every week but… Jackpot!! From the top: baby spinach, beets, salad greens, basil, yukon gold and new potatoes, broccoli, fresh garlic, green beans, cucumber, yellow squash and zucchini.

What would you do with those beets?


4 responses to “CSA box #6

  1. Send the beets to me. You can cook them (under-done) peel and just eat plain. They are really sweet. Also good with a little vinegar on them.

  2. I may need to come visit ASAP.

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  4. Oh this is a great box!!! Potatoes?!!?!? The veggies are def getting heavier. I’d put those beets in the trash…

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