Greek-ish Cous Cous, revisited.

Another backyard party is in my near future, and I just need to remind you about the deliciousness that is my Greek-ish Cous Cous. This is one of my go-to recipes, because I usually have everything on hand, and everyone pretty much likes it. It’s lemon-y and summer-y.

Will these pictures entice you to get up and make this dish?

Greekish-Israeli Couscous Salad: The Ingredient List
1 box Israeli Couscous (Trader Joe’s brand is the best)
3-4 T red onion, diced
2 T italian (flat-leaf) fresh parsley, chopped small
2-4oz crumbled feta cheese
1/2 a lemon’s juice
2-3 T red wine vinegar
Pinch of salt + pepper


1. Mix lemon juice, vinegar and a tad bit of salt and pepper together in a bowl. If you like olive oil, go ahead and add about a tablespoon to the mix.

2. Follow cooking instructions on the Israeli Couscous box.  Add cooked couscous to the bowl containing the dressing. Toss with the vinegar/lemon juice and let it cool down for about 20 minutes in the fridge. I like to stir it around a few times to make sure there is enough dressing on the thing as the couscous will absorb the dressing as it cools.
3. Add the onion, parsley, and feta cheese. Add more lemon juice/vinegar if needed. If you have any other veggies (tomatoes! cucumbers! olives!) that you like, throw them in!

You can also try to use 1 serving of Trader Joe’s brand Ancient Harvest Grain blend, I like it even better than plain Cous Cous.


4 responses to “Greek-ish Cous Cous, revisited.

  1. those are some sweet pics.

  2. I’m pretty sure i ate the hell out of that.

    honestly, simple and tasty

    • yep! i think you ate it last night too. you ate the version where i “beefed it up” with chickpeas! a good option if you’re bringing it to a party. (your party!)

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