Vegas Food

I spent last weekend in Las Vegas for a bachelorette party.  It was my very first time in Vegas, and it was so much fun. My BFFs, sunny +  hot weather, pools, “free” drinks, clubs that play dance music, awesome people watching and a town of visitors who have lost all concept of time.

Everywhere we ate was great, and the customer service is to die for. This seriously is the land of hospitality; free drinks, free champagne, free desserts, nice staff and best of all; super accommodating to a vegetarian diet.  We had great meals and great service at Lakeside Grill, Tableau, Beso, Rare 120 and the mecca: the breakfast buffet @ the Wynn.

I read a Time article about the 10 things to do in Vegas and one of them was the breakfast buffet at the Wynn where we were staying.

It. Was. Awesome. The breakfast buffet was $21.50 ($20 + tax) and worth every penny! We got to the buffet at 10:30 so it was more like a brunch buffet… breakfast and lunch options. BONUS!!

This was a place where if you wanted to stay on your healthy eating track, you could do it! Temptation was everywhere, but it was still possible to load up on fruits, egg whites, salad, soup, etc. However, if you wanted to eat yourself silly with every cuisine imaginable (including fancy nachos and indian food!) and a dessert bar with beautiful treats, you could.

I decided I needed to take a video of the insanity that is the Wynn buffet for you all, so enjoy below. It’s a little fast and shaky, but please note I was running through a buffet line taking video with my cellphone, so I looked crazy.

If that isn’t a good enough plug for you to check it out, I’ll leave you with the mini cupcake of your dreams.

Thats right. GLITTER!


8 responses to “Vegas Food

  1. mmmmm… thinking of the wynn breakfast buffet is making me hungry!!

  2. that glitter cupcake was all mine!!!! the food really was great, and all i have now is bold chex mix 😦

    • i’d go for some bold chex mix, but it was your cupcake. if i had that cupcake in my hands, and you had that chex mix in yours… there is a 100% chance i’d go swapsys.

  3. Matt DeGroot

    That glittery cupcake is my new obsession! Where does one find eatable glitter?! Or is it just assumed that if you’re in Vegas consuming potentially harmful synthetic products is A-OK?

  4. Um I die for this blog. And Vegas buffets. The real reason I’m commenting: are you wearing our Gucci dress??

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