Worse at breakfast.

I’m bad at lunch breaks, but I’m worse at breakfast.

Considering I spent years of my life studying nutrition to become an RD (before just turning that scary Chemistry ridden major into a minor), I know that breakfast is seriously important. It helps with weight loss or maintenance, helps you focus, gives your body fuel and numerous other awesome things. I know this, but I consider myself a failure when it comes to morning eating.

I spend my mornings getting a skim latte (iced please!), or eating a string cheese, or maybe having a piece of fruit with my latte. My problem is not only am I not hungry, but I get full pretty quickly and I’d rather eat later in the day. However, I know how important it is, so I’m attempting to get better.

One morning, I was looking around my office and saw this.

No, not all the booze. That’s old news. Look a little closer and you will find this:

Leftover from a work weekend in Nisswa. I decided to bring milk in the next morning and make a good breakfast with the raisin bran, considering it isn’t just sugar flakes. I never eat or buy cereal at home but raisin bran is awesome.

I knew cereal would be in the mix, so I needed something else. I, again, had to be a little innovative considering I was just trying to use random stuff I found around my (pretty nicely stocked) office. Then I stumbled upon this row of breakfast looking goodness:

So I decided to create a breakfast mocktail by adding these two guys together, which you can see is trophy worthy:

The above is a combo you must try. Take a glass and fill it with half oj half plain seltzer water. You just cut out 50% of the calories in a regular glass of OJ and it tastes way better. A little morning fizz is great.

all together on my desk

There are so many awesome healthy things for breakfast: smoothies, oatmeal, cereal, fruit, eggs…and all of these can be made and eaten quickly.

Do you eat breakfast? Why or why not… and what are you eating?!


6 responses to “Worse at breakfast.

  1. Oh, I had a sweet potato and some fresh cooked beets for breakfast today!! Sweet potatoes are yummy and sweet, plus very nutritious. If you know you won’t be having an early lunch, oatmeal or steel cut oats with some raisins, nuts and craisins is a great option. Full of protein, good for you carbs and will definitely keep you full!

    • Oatmeal keeps me TOO full, but I should try the steel cut variety sometime. I like that you are eating savory food for breakfast, I think I don’t like cereal/oatmeal because I don’t really like sweet foods!!

  2. I’m a big fan of cereal. I usually switch up between cherrios, raisin bran, or wheaties (yes, the breakfast of champions).. sometimes on the weekends i’ll make my favorite egg sammiches. I’ve always really loved breakfast. Sometimes I’ll even have it for dinner.

    • I enjoy me an eggWHITE sammie on a biscuit, but those are so unhealthy you can only do it every once in a while. Breakfast for dinnzo works if you serve it with french fries (well, potatoes cut into fry shape and baked. duh)

  3. is all that booze, food, and juices yours for the taking??? i need to get a job there!

    and a “mocktail”! don’t know if you coined the phrase but i’m stealing it anyway.

    • it is there for the taking! it would be super awesome if we had an espresso machine, i’d be in hev!

      i did not coin mocktail. however, someone in my office did call my drink an un-mimosa!

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