Lunch Time

I’m bad at lunch. I’m worse at breakfast, but that is a different story.

By bad at lunch, I mean bad at taking a break at work. I like to eat at my desk in order to get more stuff done so I can go home at a reasonable-ish hour. I sometimes feel taking a lunch break is a waste of time + I hate spending money on going out for lunch, unless it’s once a week or so.

I read this article last month and have been thinking about it ever since. So… during the month of March (tomorrow, can you believe it!?!)  I am going to attempt to take a guilt-free lunch break. I really shouldn’t feel guilty about taking a half hour or hour out of my day considering I get here an hour early almost every day. I’m hoping the weather gets better to talk a walk or eat with co-workers at one of our two tables at work. I’m even starting a day early with my resolution by blogging right now!

Sometimes the day gets away from me and I forget to eat until a little later than most people, but I’ll try to fix that in March too. I am, however, pretty good at lunch in that I tend to eat healthy. For example:

I had some Trader Joe’s Roasted Red Pepper +Tomato Soup w/ some whole grain goldfish crackers, a string cheese and a not-so-ripe pear. It was all great. I like to leave a pack of string cheese and a box of TJ’s soup in the fridge at work for a quick lunch if I forget mine or don’t feel like my leftovers that day. I also like to hoard fruit at my desk, and my work also has a fruit bowl pretty much every day so I have some good options.

What about you? Do you take a lunch break? What did you have today?


16 responses to “Lunch Time

  1. I have no problem breaking away from my desk for lunch. Not many people in my office eat at their desks so I don’t feel badly. My problem with working on a college campus is the temptation to eat out. We have so many (bad) options here on, chipotle, rubios, etc.. so when I went to the freezer to pull out my oh so delicious lean cuisine, many times I would put it right back where I got it and high tail it to something greasy.

    I decided to stop buying the lean cuisines because most of the time they left me unsatisfied and wanting more. Now I’ve been making my lunch, giving myself a small treat each day so that I don’t feel the need to eat out.

    Today Kevin will be meeting me for lunch so he’ll be making me a simple turkey sandwich with cheese and probably some cheez its… nothing fancy but it’ll do 🙂

    • I think I’m traumatized from my old job where I never once took a lunch break. And often took about an hour to eat my lunch as I’d have to get up and do something in the middle of eating!

      I used to like lean cuisines but I have found they just don’t taste good! It is nice to keep one in the freezer at work just in case and add your cheez-its + and apple. But yeah, I usually ignore those and let them freezer burn.

      Lucky re: Kevin!!! I think since Brent takes Maeby out in the mornings, I forfeit ever getting my lunch made. Jealous still! I am, however, giving myself a 3pm treat of a LATTE!! Don’t worry, I have a coupon.

  2. for lunch today i had a KitKat, brie, and oyster crackers.

    does this sound as bad as i think it does?

    • All sounds yummy but doesn’t sound very filling!

      • oh yeah, still completely hungry…..
        the only thing thats in my office right now are girl scout cookies, i wish we had a fruit bowl like val!

    • can you talk to your work or get on a committee to institute a fruit bowl!? truth be told… we also have a cooler FULL of a million kinds of beer + soda + wine. danger!

      • no way will my work get on board with that….

        but we do get free coffee/tea/hot chocolate!

  3. OMG I wish my work had a cooler full of beer and wine… but I work at an elementary school, so…

    I eat a sunflower seed butter and jam sandwich (my hubby is allergic to peanuts so no PB for me anymore) and an apple almost everyday for lunch. I sit in a loud screechy cafeteria filled with children for about 20 minutes while I chat with some teachers, eat my sandwich, and block out the sounds of 8-10 year olds’ voices. As unappealing as it sounds – and smells – I relish this 20 minute break. And you should relish a lunch break too!!

    Cool blog, by the way. =]

    • I don’t know if a school should have a cooler of beer and wine… maybe the teachers lounge! I bet you need it way more than anyone else does.

      I want to know if you ever try the school lunch?! I used to like it but it is SO UNHEALTHY! I might need to try a sunflower seed butter + jam sandwich now… with a lunch break of course!!

  4. I was going to post about lunch this week too! I’m pretty good about taking a break (I live close to work), but have been rotating the same few lunch items over and over for the past few years. Always on the look out how I can switch it up!

    • I am trying out brown rice, black beans + salsa today for a “fake chipotle” kind of feel. Never had it before for lunch, so I’ll keep you posted if it’s any good or not. I am going to attempt some new lunch items too. Getting stuck in a rut is pretty easy:\

  5. I don’t understand why its taking you so long to update. But for lunch to day I went to Wegmans for the first time. I had a chicken salad wrap, it was delish. But I wish I had the black beans and brown rice that you had the other day.

    • Oh Mary! I just saw this comment! Black beans and brown rice are super easy to make for lunch the night ahead! Do it!

      Also, Wegmans is an awesome place to get salad bar.

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